Treating Adhd - Facts For Wiser Parents

07/01/2013 12:15


at home remedies for adhd

So, what is the best way of treating ADHD? Is medicine effective? The answer to both questions cannot be in black and white but here are a couple of points to remember when coming to a decision what will be the best ADHD treatment for the child.Methylphenidate has existed for forty years! It has been joined by other psychostimulant drugs which all come in the same family but which are all amphetamines (except for Tenex which is a high blood pressure drug) and hence are classed as Schedule II controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Agency.. So nothing has changed very much as the chance of substance abuse associated with these medicines remains high. We are now faced with 'pharming' or 'shopping' for 'dexies' in the school parking lot as these drugs become marketable commodity on the teen drug picture. Surely this isn't the best means of treating ADHD in our kids.Certainly ADHD homeopathic remedies won't ever make sure to be on the Drug Enforcement Agency list! That is comforting to know as these safe remedies will never pose a threat to the future security and well being of your child. They're effective and non- addictive in treating ADHD. The main elements used are : Cina, Stramonium and Hyoscyamus niger. Stramonium is most effective for fearful nervous children. While children with manic tendencies were relieved with the administration of the Hyoscyamus niger remedy Cina was a great help for aggressive and rebellious children.Whatever ADHD treatment is selected, one alarming fact has come to light lately and that is that the cases of mental illness (including ADHD) have grown dramatically in teen girls. . happening Professor Stephen Hinshaw (UC Berkeley) has done a really interesting study on this. His conclusions carry a strong message for parents. Teenage girls are crumbling under the sheer volume of adult expectations. They are likely to be top in everything from school, sports, look, social skills in a society that exalts physical attractiveness and sex appeal. Girls are succumbing to melancholy substantially sooner than before. Rates of 'cutting' where girls inflict cuts and nicks on your skin to relieve some of the emotional pressure is spiking sharply. He noticed this when he examined ADHD in girls and boys but noting that the girls had to take a lot more gear than the boys. A lowering in expectations by parents would go quite a distance to help these teenaged girls.The price of treating ADHD is pricey but the cost of behaviour therapy and other techniques like biofeedback is even less cost effective. The most cost effective ADHD treatment to-day is one which uses natural remedies created from homeopathic and natural ingredients. We owe it to your children to pick an ADHD treatment which will not put them at risk in their teen years and will save them from mental illness. The link below will explain everything about this treatment and how it is made for the highest standards.